COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Overview


Social distancing, protecting the vulnerable, isolating symptomatic people and promoting high standards of hygiene remain our primary controls for COVID-19. Collective effort is needed to maintain social distancing across all of our activities at least in line with Government guidance.


This risk assessment has been developed to identify COVID-19 related risks affecting everyone involved in music making activities with particular regard to rehearsals and booked events (an additional risk assessment will be undertaken for performance and public events if required). It has been undertaken in consultation with Trustees, Members and Venues as part of the return to playing following lockdown. Control measures have been based on existing WWB practices, government guidance and good practice to minimise the risk of spreading infection.


  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Workplace Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992
  • Government, PHE, DCMS and Making Music Guidance
  • Venue and WWB COVID-19 Policies, RAs and procedures.

Pre-deployment risk assessment with control measures identified.

2.1 Attendees bring COVID-19 virus into the venue – Risk to other attendees and other groups using the venue.

RiskExisting Control Measure(s).Further Action Identified.By WhomIn place / Complete.
Person to person transmission. Limiting the numbers of people involved.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Limiting the number of planned events where appropriate to the tiering system,Band to be split into at least two groups <30 ensuring all parts are covered as far as possible scheduled and communicated. UPDATED 02/12/20: In Tier 1&2 rehearsal and performances may continue, but audience sizes vary and will be assessed appropriately.Any changes in players to be advised as early as possible to ensure appropriate amendments to seating plans are made. UPDATED 02/12/20: In Tier 3 only main rehearsals and bookings are considered essential. Any other organised event to be considered by exceptionJulia RactliffeIn Place
Reduce exposure timeStart and finish playing times may be curtailed by 15mins to allow for COVID-19 measures to be taken by set-up teamBaton down at 7:45pm. Finish time to be dynamically reviewed throughout performance.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Avoidance of public transport.Players will be encouraged to use private vehicles avoiding car sharing to attend venues.The use of public transport is very low and discouraged in the welcome leaflet.Andy RactliffeComplete
Failure to maintain 2m social distancing where possible.Seating plans developed prior to performance.Specific review once seating is arranged.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Positioning of players to reduce direct transmission.Seating to be side-by-side in rows observing 2m distance requirements.Specific review once seating is arranged.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Spread in “social gatherings”. Avoiding transmission in breaks.     Updated 14/09/20: To maintain compliance with the New measure of not mingling in groups of 6 or more.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Additional restrictions imposed by tiering system.  Any break(s) will be shortened to minimise gathering. People can leave the room or stay where they are seated. Updated 14/09/20: Upon leaving the room, social distance between individuals not in the same household must be maintained at all times. UPDATED 02/12/20: any sub-group of six in tier 1 or individual household group in tiers 2 & 3 must not “mingle” with any other such groupTea and Coffee will not be provided. During this time social gatherings are not permitted.   Updated 14/09/20: Player will be reminded not to ‘mingle’ / interact in groups >6 or move between such groups.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Each individual or household to be regarded as a single group. COVID officer and MD to be vigilant to ensure this is maintained.Julia Ractliffe and Adrian SmartAs Required
Ensuring social distancing measures are complied with.All involved.Nominated COVID-19 officer providing independent eyes on the activity.Adrian SmartAs Required

2.2 Transmission by Air – Risk to other attendees.

RiskExisting Control Measure(s).Further Action Identified.By WhomIn place / Complete.
Preventing transmission 1+m when moving through the venue.   UPDATED 02/12/20: When in situ.Everyone will be required to wear face coverings only taking them off when seated for play. UPDATED 02/12/20: Masks to be worn at all times when not playing.Spare coverings to be provided. Requirement communicated via Welcome leaflet. UPDATED 02/12/20: > 1 Aux perc player masks to be worn at all times.Julia RactliffeComplete
Compliance with the new arrangements.Signage will be prepared where appropriateCommunications to be issued in the form of a ‘welcome back leaflet prior to re-entry.Andy RactliffeComplete
Maximising ventilationAll windows and doors to be opened. Venues to be aired prior to use.Individuals to be advised to dress appropriately and COVID-19 officer to be positioned by open doors for additional security.  COVID-19 officerIn Place
Cough and Sneeze preventionManhasset Perspex screens are available, to be deployed as appropriate.Dynamic assessment to be established by set-up team.Set-up teamComplete
MD facing the players.Players to be set up in rows.MD to wear shield and/or face mask whilst conducting.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Vocalisation.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Further reduction of speech.Singing and raising of voices will not be permissible. UPDATED 02/12/20: MD to use mic and amp.  Talking over the MD or music is to be discouraged.  Julia RactliffeIn Place

2.3 Droplets on Surfaces – Risk to other attendees and other groups using the venue.

RiskExisting Control Measure(s).Further Action Identified.By WhomIn place / Complete.
Transmission by touch. Encourage hand washing and sanitising.Gel to be provided for use upon entry to the venue.Ensure soap and hand-drying facilities in place at start of gatheringSet-up team 
Transmission at registration / sign in.A verbal symptom check will be made upon entry.Recorded on register.Adrian SmartIn Place
Reduced contact with fixtures and fittings.Set-up team to be established and briefed prior to arrival.Event specific briefing using this RA. Gloves to be used.Andy RactliffeIn Place
Transmission by sharing / handling hard copy music.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Ensuring music not passed between players.Individual pads to be created for each player.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Additional music purchased.Quarantined in box for minimum 72hrs between handling. UPDATED 02/12/20: Music to be handed out using gloves.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Cases and belongingsAll small cases and personal belongings to remain under the musicians’ chair.For larger cases only, these will be placed in a dedicated space or left in musicians’ vehicles.Adrian SmartComplete
Personal use items minimised to mitigate transmission by touch.Players to provide own music stand and may require pegs. Percussionists to use own sticks.No swapping / sharing of instruments. Guidance to be included in welcome leaflet.All.Complete
Percussion specific transmission.Only one auxiliary percussionist at any time, and reduced selection of instruments.Percussion instruments to quarantined in box for >72 hrs after handling, and sanitised where possible before use.Julia RactliffeIn Place
Transmission through spital (brass).Each player of brass instrument will use a cloth when operating the spital key or “emptying out”.Full guidance to be provided in welcome leaflet and reinforced by COVID-19 officer.All.Complete
Transmission through spital (winds).Wind players, in addition to using cloths to catch any drips, will regularly clean instruments by using own pull-throughs during performance.Full guidance to be provided in welcome leaflet and reinforced by COVID-19 officer.All.Complete
Handling of tickets, subs donations and collections.Cash may be deposited in a collection tin which will remain closed >72hrs.A contactless payment facility may be provided.Andy RactliffeComplete

2.4 Individual Infection – Risk to individual and other attendees.

RiskExisting Control Measure(s).Further Action Identified.By WhomIn place / Complete.
Coronavirus entering the venue.All attendees asked to follow government guidance on self-isolation after symptoms and/or positive test/contact tracing/return from foreign travel.Included in Welcome leaflet.   UPDATED 02/12/20: Ongoing record kept in register.AllComplete
Non-identification of individuals with symptoms. Track and Trace recordsPrior to return to playing, all players to be contacted to confirm their wish to attend, identify any barriers to attendance and confirm contact details.On arrival, register to be signed along with confirmation that the individual is not currently experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19.Andy/Julia Ractliffe pre-comms. Set-up team register.In Place
Managing an episode of illness.Should an individual feel unwell for whatever reasons they must report to the first aider and COVID-19 Officer.The first aider will dynamically assess the situation and remove the individual from the venue in accordance with NHS process.First Aider / COVID19 OfficerAs Required
Managing a positive test.Individuals who are tested positive at any time should inform the trustees who will also advise the Venue and follow PHE guidance to support Track and Trace.The band records will be retained for a minimum 21days and used to assist with any track and trace and any people in contact will be advised to also seek a test.All / TrusteesAs Required
Transmission to those that fall into the vulnerable, clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable categories.Advice provided in Welcome leaflet to people in these groups to consider attendance carefully.Any concerns to be raised to Andy Ractliffe or another Trustee, noting that this is at the individuals’ risk.Andy RactliffeIn Place

Additional Control Measures specific to location.

Hazard identified and who may be harmed.Existing Control Measure(s).Further Action Identified.By WhomIn place / Complete.
Further reducing contact between players.Although not applicable to amateur groups, ‘teams’ may be deployed to further reduce contact.Awareness given to players through communications to remain within their section as far as practically possible.Julia RactliffeAs required
Lobby and Kitchen areas to be walkways only.Signage and in welcome leaflet.Observation during occupancy.COVID-19 officerComplete
Other user groupsConsideration to any impact on other groups at all times by the set-up team.UPDATED 02/12/20: Active liaison with the venue operators to identify any bookings within 72hrs of event.Set-up team.As required
Increased cleaning regimeUpon arrival and before leaving, complete clean of touch points and toilets.Compliance with Venue and WWB specific cleaning procedures.Set-up team.In Place
Parking measuresVehicles must be parked correctly in bays or on the road. Respect given to ensure social distancing complied with.Priority will be for those with larger instruments, and no double parking will be allowed.COVID-19 OfficerComplete
Transmission in Toilet areas.Only one person per toilet unit with occupancy signage in place.Toilet facilities to be cleaned and flushed prior to and after event in accordance with Venue and WWB procedures.Set-up team.In Place
Use of Venue propertyLimited to chairs only.Anything touched to be wiped handled with gloves /PPE and wiped down prior to and after use.Set-up team.In Place
Unexpected gatherings            It is not anticipated that there will be any unexpected gatherings, but should this occur, our priority will be the safety of the musicians.The COVID-19 officer will secure the main doors and indicate the appropriate course of action, and contact the relevant Authorities as deemed necessary.COVID-19 OfficerAs Required
Unexpected visitors.In the event that a visitor unrelated to the activity arrives, they will be politely turned away.Should a visitor arrive external to the band, but in relation to the activity, they will be asked to remain outside and an event leader contacted to meet them.COVID-19 OfficerAs Required
Familiarisation over time.All users to be reminded in the welcome pack that things have changed.Behaviours and actions will need to comply with measures identified in this risk assessment.Andy RactliffeAs Required
Personal behaviours.Anyone not following the measures in this risk assessment will be politely challenged.Persistent breach or flagrant disregard will be managed accordingly and may lead to exclusion from activities.Andy RactliffeAs Required
NEW 02/12/20: Considering the case for proceeding (or not) with the activity.NEW 02/12/20: These figures are regularly reviewed and in principle the case for proceeding will be based on the cases per 100k in the areas the band draws its membership from not being higher than 110% of the last National Lockdown.NEW 02/12/20: Event specific considerations will also be made as required.Julia RactliffeAs Required
NEW 02/12/20: Restrict movement between tiers.NEW 02/12/20: All events will be planned to the higher tier restrictions of either the home location of the players or the tier of the event.NEW 02/12/20: Where travel to a higher tier for performance is required, this will be restricted to vital covering of parts only as per Making Music guidance.Julia RactliffeIn Place
NEW 02/12/20: Guidance for the Christmas period when the tiering system is relaxed.NEW 02/12/20: Professional and amateur choirs may perform in any venue permitted to open.   Door-to-door carolling can take place in a group(s) of no more than six participants.  NEW 02/12/20: No interactaction or mingling with someone who is not in the group of six. We will keep to sub-groups of six and divide an area up. Maintain at least 2 meters from the threshold of the dwelling and /or audience.Julia RactliffeIn Place