About Us

Julia Ractliffe

On 15th January 2010, 18 enthusiastic players braved the snow to attend our very first rehearsal. Now in our fifteenth year, we have some 60 committed members with both professional and amateur musicians sitting side by side and giving their time freely for the love of making music.

Our first fourteen years have seen over 250 public performances in a wide variety of venues and with repeat performance requests coming in .

The band primarily performs well known music ranging from, standard swing tunes, stage and screen and popular hits from the 20th century. Our aim is very much to entertain our audiences whilst providing harmonious and sometimes challenging music for our players.

Andy Ractliffe

We are very fortunate to have such a large number of talented musicians but we still have a limited number of vacancies.  If you are at least grade 6, and interested in joining us, then please do give either Julia or Andy a ring on the number below or email us.

As a band we have a good mix of people, friendly and with a shared love of music and performing. We are happy to perform formal concerts, fetes, garden parties, proms, festivals etc. throughout the area — please contact us with your specific requirements.

About our Supporters

We are thrilled to receive interest from potential audiences and from those that have already been to one of our concerts. If you would like to go on our mailing list for future events, please simply email play@worlewindband.co.uk and we will connect with you. We keep all data safe please see our privacy statement.

Running a band can be an expensive business and although WorleWind Band covers it’s running costs through subscriptions and concerts, and no-one takes any form of payment for their involvement, any extras need to be found from other sources. We are very grateful to have had support in the past year from:

  • Arnold Clarke Community Fund.
  • Bruce Wake Charitable Trust.
  • Garfield Weston.
  • Rank – Pebble Grants