27/04/20247.30pmChrist Church, Weston-super-Mare
09/03/20247:30pmConcert, Cossington Village Hall
13/01/20247:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/20234:45pmCarols in the Car Park, Worle Baptist Church
18/12/20235:30pmCommunity Carols at Windwhistle School
17/12/20236:00pmCarol Service, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
16/12/20237:30pmFestive concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
10/12/20231:00pmCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
09/12/20237:30pmFestive concert, Cossington Village Hall
03/12/20232.00pmCarolling, Brackenwood Garden Centre, Abbots Leigh
02/12/20237:30pmFestive Concert, Mark
12/11/202310:40amRemembrance, Worle
02/11/20236.30pmCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
29/09/2023- 01/10/2023Weekend Workshops – Manor House
24/09/202312.00pmHelicopter Museum, Weston – cancelled.
03/09/202312.30pmBosFest, Manor Gardens, Burnham-on-Sea
13/08/20233.00pmBand at the Beeches
13/08/20235.00pmBand Barbeque
24/06/20237:30pmProm Concert, St. Nicholas, Uphill
20/05/20232.30pmConcert, Brackenwood Garden Centre, Abbots Leigh
22/04/20233.00pmConcert, St Martin’s Church, Worle
21/04/20237:30pmConcert, Weston Museum
01/04/20232.00pmMilitary weekend – Helicopter Museum – Postponed
11/03/237:30pmConcert, Cossington Village Hall
14/01/237:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/20224:30pmWorle Baptist Church – carols in the car park
18/12/20226.30pmCarol Service, St Nicholas, Church, Uphill
18/12/20221pmCarolling, The Lamb, Worle
17/12/20227.30pmFestive concert, Cossington Village Hall
11/12/20221pmCheddar Garden Centre – carolling
10/12/20227.30pmFestive concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
04/12/20221:30pmBrackenwood Garden Centre – carolling
03/12/20227:30pmFestive concert, Mark Church
02/12/20226:45pmDunster by candlelight
27/11/20221pmCheddar Garden Centre – carolling
13/11/202210:45amWorle Remembrance Service, High Street,
15/10/20227:30pmBlakehay Theatre, Weston-super-Mare
04/09/20222:30pmBotanic Gardens, Ventnor
04/09/202211amIsle of Wight Steam Railway
03/09/20222pmThe Needles, Isle of Wight
03/09/202211amYarmouth Pop Up Gig
31/07/2022 3.00pmBand at The Beeches, Cossington
05/06/20221.30pmJubilee Picnic celebration, Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare
04/06/2022 7.30pmJubilee Concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
23/04/20227:30pmJoint concert with Bleadon Belles Christ Church, Weston-super-Mare
12/03/20227:30pmConcert, Cossington Village Hall
24/12/20215pmCarols in the Car Park, Worle Baptist Church (Cancelled)
22/12/2021mid-dayCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre (Cancelled)
19/12/20216:30pmCarol service, St Nicholas, Uphill
19/12/20211pmCarolling, The Lamb, Worle
12/12/202111:00amCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
11/12/20217pmFestive Concert, Lady St Mary, Wareham
05/12/202111:00amCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
04/12/20217pmFestive Concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
02/12/20215:30pmCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
27/11/20217:30pmFestive concert, Mark Church
14/11/2021 10:45amRemembrance Service, Worle Memorial
15/08/20213pmBand play and BBQ, Cossington
08/08/20212:30pmGrove Park, Weston-super-Mare (Cancelled)
18/07/20212:30pmGrove Park, Weston-super-Mare
24/12/20204:30pmCarols in the Car Park, Worle Baptist Church (Cancelled)
20/12/20206:30pmLive stream carol service organised by St Nicholas Church, Uphill
20/12/20206pmStreamed carol service organised by Locking Castle Church
12/12/20207pmFestive Concert, Wareham (cancelled)
06/12/202010:30amCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
05/12/202010:30amCarolling, Cheddar Garden Centre
05/12/20207pmFestive Concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill (cancelled)
28/11/20207:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church (cancelled)
08/11/2020 10.45amRemembrance – Worle High Street (cancelled)
05-06/09/2020Tour Isle of Wight (postponed)
02/08/20202:30pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston (cancelled)
12/07/2020 2:30pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston (cancelled)
25/04/207.30pmJoint concert with Bleadon Belles, Christ Church, Weston (postponed)
15/02/207:30pmConcert, Weston Museum
12/01/207:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/194:30pmCarolling, Worle Baptist Church Car Park
22/12/191pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle
15/12/19Mid-dayCarolling, The Sovereign Centre, Weston
07/12/197pmFestive Concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
06/12/196:30pmCarolling, Worle High Street, The Lamb
05/12/196:30pmCarol Service, Weston Crematorium
30/11/197:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church
23/11/193pmCarolling, The Sovereign Centre, Weston
19/10/197:30pmCharity Concert, Cheltenham College
05/10/197:30pmConcert, Draycott Memorial Hall, Cheddar
14/09/197:30pmConcert, Edington Village Hall
05/08/192pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston
20/07/197pmConcert, Lady St. Mary, Wareham
20/07/191pmSeaLife Centre, Weymouth
07/07/192:30pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston
15/06/197:30pmConcert, Holy Trinity, Bridgwater
10/04/197:30pmCrowd Funding Concert, Weston Adventist Church
24/03/197:30pmConcert, Worle Baptist Church
12/01/197:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/185pmCarolling in the Worle Baptist Church Car Park
20/12/186pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
16/12/181pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle
09/12/18Mid-dayCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
08/12/187pmFestive Concert, St Nicholas Church, Uphill
07/12/186:30pmCarolling, Worle High Street Celebrations
01/12/187:30pmFestive Concert, Mark
29/11/18 6:30pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
27-30/09/18Weekend Workshops
29/09/186pmManor House Hotel Concert
11/08/187pmWareham Flower Festival Concert
11/08/1812:30pmNothe Fort, Weymouth
05/08/182:30pmGrove Park Bandstand
22/07/182:30pmGrove Park Bandstand
14/07/187pmProm in the Park, Bradley Stoke
02/06/187:30pmConcert at St. Andrew’s, Cheddar
12/05/187:30pmYatton Music Festival, St.Mary’s Yatton
21/04/187:30pmBurtle Harvest Home/Prom style Concert, Village Hall
14/04/187:30pmWorle Baptist Church Spring Concert
13/01/187pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/175pmCommunity Carolling in the Car Park, Worle Baptist Church
21/12/176:30pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston.
18/12/176pmCommunity Carols, Uphill Primary School.
17/12/171pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle
10/12/17Mid-DayCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
09/12/177:00pmFestive Concert, St. Nicholas Church, Uphill
02/12/177:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church
30/11/176:30pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
23/09/172:00pmWorle Community Day, Worle Baptist Church
02/09/177:30pmPrinces Theatre, Burnham.
06/08/172:30pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston
22/07/177:30pmBridgwater Town Hall.
09/07/177pmMethodist Church, Swanage
09/07/173pmSwanage Sea Front
09/07/1710amPoole Lifeboat Museum
08/07/173pmPinewalk Bandstand, Bournemouth
25/06/172:30pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston
18/06/172:30pmOthery Open Air Concert
03/05/171pmSue and Jason’s Wedding, Highbridge
20/05/177:30pmJoint concert with Waves of Harmony, Christ Church, Weston.
07/04/178:30pmBev and Gareth’s Wedding, Grand Pier, Weston
11/02/177:30pmWorle Baptist Church Entertainment Concert
14/01/177:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/165pmWorle Baptist Church Community Carols
18/12/1611:30amCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
15/12/1612:30pmLighthouse, Lunch for the Homeless
14/12/166:30pmUphill Primary School Community Carols
11/12/161:00pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle
08/12/166:00pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
03/12/167:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church
26/11/167:30pmFestive Concert, St Peter’s, Milton
24/11/166:00pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
15/10/167:30pmAutumn Concert, Bleadon.
08/10/167:30pmHarvest Gala Concert, St. Martin’s Worle.
10/09/162:30pmWorle Community Day
21/08/162:30pmConcert, Grove Park, Weston.
10/07/16Band Barbeque
10/07/162:30pmConcert, Grove Park, Weston.
21/05/167:30pmJoint Concert with Bleadon Belles, Christ Church, Weston.
07/05/167:30pmConcert, Worle Baptist Church.
23/04/162pmSt Georges’ Day Celebrations at The Woolpack
27/02/162:30pmJoint Concert with Worle Chorale, Worle Community  School.
09/01/167:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/155pmCarols in the Car Park, Worle Baptist Church
20/12/151pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle.
13/12/15Mid-DayCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
10/12/156pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
08/12/156pmBrass Ensemble Scout Service Wick St Lawrence Church
05/12/157:30 PMFestive Concert, Mark Church
29/11/157pmFestive Concert, Milton Methodist Church
26/11/156pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
17/10/157:30pmBurtle Harvest Prom, at the Village hall
27/09/152:15pmWeston Super Foods
26/09/152:30pmWorle Community Fest
20/09/152:30pmGrove Park, Weston
4-7/09/15French Trip
19/07/152:30pmGrove Park, Weston
19/07/15Band Barbeque
05/07/152:00 PMBrent Knoll Parish Hall
09/05/157:30pmConcert, Wick St Lawrence Church
21/03/157:30pmCharity Concert, St. Paul’s, Weston
17/01/157:30pmAnniversary Meal
22/12/145pmCommunity Carols, Worle Baptist Church
21/12/141pmCarolling, The Lamb Inn, Worle.
20/12/14Mid-DayCarols at Weston Museum
14/12/14Mid-DayHelicopter Museum Family Fun Day
11/12/146:00 PMCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
09/12/146:00 PMCarolling, Waitrose, Weston
07/12/14Mid-DayCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
06/12/147:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church
29/11/147pmFestive Concert, Milton Methodist Church
27/11/146pmCarolling, Sovereign Centre, Weston
18/10/147:30pmConcert, Victoria Methodist Church, Weston
28/09/142:15pmWeston Super Foods
14/08/146:30pmTreasure Hunt
20/07/145pmBand Barbeque
20/07/142:30pmConcert,  Grove Park, Weston
06/07/142:30pmConcert,  Grove Park, Weston
14/06/147:30pmJoint Concert with Joyful Spirit at Christ Church, Weston
08/06/142.30 pmConcert, Grove Park, Weston
15/03/147.30 pmConcert, Shapwick Church
01/03/147pmConcert, Worle Baptist Church
8-9/02/14Residential Weekend
11/01/147:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/135pmWorle Baptist Carols in the Car Park
22/12/131pmCaroling The Lamb Inn Worle
18/12/136pmCommunity Carols—Ebdon Arms, Wick St. Lawrence
15/12/132pmCarolling Weston Museum
14/12/132pmCarolling Weston Museum
12/12/136pmCarolling Sovereign Centre, Weston
07/12/137:30pmFestive Concert, Mark Church
05/12/136pmCaroling Sovereign Centre, Weston
01/12/13Mid-day 7pmCaroling Sovereign Centre, Weston
30/11/1310:30amFestive Concert, Milton Methodist Church
09/11/131:00 PMCadbury Garden Centre, Santa’s Grotto Opening
26/10/136pmCadbury Garden Centre, Ice Rink Grand Opening
16/10/132:30pmCadbury Garden Centre, Christmas Preview Event
01/09/135pmConcert, Grove Park Bandstand.
07/07/132:30pmBand Barbeque
07/07/137:00pmConcert, Grove Park Bandstand.
16/06/137:30pmCharity Concert, Worle Baptist Church
18/05/137:30pmSpring Concert, Mark Church.
11/05/137:30pmCharity Concert, Sidcot School
12/01/13Anniversary Meal
24/12/125:00pmCarols in the Carpark, Worle Baptist Church
19/12/126:00pmEnsemble Carols at the Ebdon Arms
19/12/126:00pmEnsemble Carols at Cadbury Garden Centre
16/12/12mid-dayCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
15/12/122:00pmWeston Museum, Ensemble Carols
13/12/126:00pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
08/12/127:00pmFestive Concert, Milton Methodist Church
29/11/126:00pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
05/11/128:00pmFirework Music, Lord Nelson, Cleeve
27/10/127.30pmConcert, Mark Church
20/10/127.30pmHarvest Concert, Worle Baptist Church
29/09/127.30pmConcert, St Martin’s Church, Worle
14-16/09/12French Trip
26/08/123:00pmGrove Park Bandstand, Weston
01/07/125:30pmBand Barbeque
01/07/123:00pmGrove Park Bandstand and Band Barbie
02/06/121:30pmKewstoke Village Jubilee Celebrations
17/05/127:30pmCharity Concert, Christ Church, Weston Super Mare
21/04/127:30pmMusic Festival, St.Mary the Virgin Church, Yatton
24/03/127:30pmConcert, Wick St Lawrence Church
25/02/127.00pmCharity Concert, The Campus, Locking Castle
14/01/127:30pmAnniversary Meal
24/12/115:00pmWorle Baptist Community Carols
22/12/116:30pmEbdon Arms Carolling with Wick St Lawrence Church
17/12/112:00pmWind Group—Carolling at Weston Museum
15/12/115:45pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
11/12/11Mid-dayCarolling – Sovereign Centre.
10/12/112:00pmBrass Group—Carolling at Weston Museum
03/12/117:00pmFestive Concert, Milton Methodist Church
01/12/115:30pmCarolling at the Sovereign Centre
05/11/117:30pmFirework Music, The Lord Nelson, Cleeve
15/10/117:30pmWorle Baptist Church, Harvest Festival
18/09/113:00pmGrove Park Bandstand
28/08/112:00pmThe Lord Nelson, Cleeve
14/08/115:30pmBand Barbeque
14/08/113:00pmGrove Park Bandstand and Band Barbie
05/06/113:00pmThe Lord Nelson, Cleeve
29/04/113:00pmKewstoke Village Hall, Royal Wedding Celebrations
21/04/118:00pmWSM Town Council Annual Meeting, Blakehay
12/03/117:30pmJoint Concert with Joyful Spirit, Christ Church, Montpelier
15/01/117:30pmAnniversary Meal
12/12/10Mid-dayCarolling – Sovereign Centre.
11/12/102:00pmCarolling at Weston Museum.
09/12/105:30pmCarolling – Sovereign Centre.
04/12/107:30pmChristmas Concert, Milton Methodist Church.
29/10/105:00pmMadeira Cove Opening
21/10/107:30pmSidcot Arts Centre
19/09/103:00pmSpectrum, Grove Park
22/08/105:30pmBand Barbeque
22/08/103:00pmGrove Park Bandstand and Band Barbie
04/07/103:00pmGrove Park Bandstand
04/03/10Change of Rehearsal Venue
14/01/108:00pmFirst rehearsal and get together in Worle Community Centre